2017/2018 Transportation Study

2017/2018 Transportation Study

Old/Near North End Neighborhoods Transportation Study

In August 2017 the City began the Old and Near North End Neighborhoods Transportation Study. This study was the follow up to feedback received during the process of ONEN working with the city to get the 2016 Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Plan adopted. The boundaries of the study area are Wood Avenue to the West, Wahsatch Avenue to the East, Van Buren Street to the North and Platte Avenue Street to the South.

ONEN Street Safety Plan

In preparation for the first round of study meetings in August 2017, the ONEN board approved a draft Street Safety Plan. The purpose of this draft plan was to promote discussion and solicit feedback from the neighborhood before finalizing a plan that would be well supported by the neighborhood.

This draft plan was based on feedback we received from past safety plans and neighborhood focus groups. The goal of our plan was to improve safety, traffic distribution, and public transit in support of our master plan. It would also prepare us for anticipated growth to our north (Renew North Nevada) and to our south (Downtown). We invited all neighbors to review our plan and let us know their thoughts. Following the feedback period our plan was shared with city traffic engineering to be included in the public input they gathered during the first round of meetings.

Link to Street Safety Plan: Draft ONEN Street Safety Plan 8-11-17

Meeting #1

Many neighbors attended one of the identical interactive meetings hosted by the City on August 14 or 16. We also had many neighbors attend the Renew North Nevada Open House on August, 23 to review the transportation sub-plan recommendations for the North Nevada Ave. Corridor.

Link to the City Webpage: Old and Near North End Neighborhoods Transportation Study

Meeting #2

On December 7, 2017 the City made this presentation at a public meeting to discuss the Near/Old North End Transportation Study.  This included implementation of a few of the recommendations from our Street Safety Plan:

  • Turn lanes added on Uintah St at Weber and Wahsatch. Left Turn Signal will be installed at Nevada & Uintah St
  • Reduced speed limits
    • Neighborhood arterials (includes Wahsatch, Weber, Nevada, Fontanero and Cascade) reduced from 35 mph to 30 mph.
    • All other neighborhood streets are 25 mph.
    • Additional speed limit signs will be posted to alert drivers
  • Changes to truck routes to get commercial trucks off Nevada Ave

Please review this letter from the ONEN President for additional notes on what was discussed.

Meeting # 3

A third meeting will address pedestrian safety and bike routes.  Traffic Engineering will present several options for public input in an effort to enhance pedestrian safety and provide additional bicycle infrastructure for the neighborhood.

January 18, 2018, 6- 8 p.m.
Lon Chaney Theater
City Auditorium
107 East Kiowa
Colorado Springs, Colo 80903

Additionally, smaller meetings will be scheduled in early 2018 to discuss:

  • Historic Median Criteria
  • Neighborhood parking
  • Penrose-St. Francis Health Services Penrose-St. Francis Health Services Platinum Sponsor