Plaque Program


Plaque Program History

Longtime Old North End resident Matt Railey initiated the Old North End Neighborhood plaque program in 1986. After researching his own Tejon Street home, he wrote a book entitled Sadie’s House, which chronicled the fascinating history of his house and the process that he used to complete his research (Sadie’s House may be purchased for $10 from Pat Doyle – ONEN Historic Pres. Chair. She can be reached at 473-8108 or here). He then proposed the idea of a plaque program to the North End Homeowners Association (now ONEN) and began teaching a house research class at Penrose Public Library. Once homeowners completed their research, they were eligible for honorary bronze plaques.

Today, the plaque program is offered by the ONEN Historic Preservation Committee, chaired by Pat Doyle. House plaque workshops are offered several times each year, and all Old North End residents are welcome to attend these no-cost workshops.

Upcoming Plaque Workshop Information

The next ONEN House History Workshop will be in the spring of 2019. Sign up to learn about the library and neighborhood resources available to aid you in researching the history of your home. Workshop registration is limited to 10 adult participants. Contact Susan Darby at 227-0211 or here with questions or to register.

The workshops are held at Penrose Library and include a review of the application process, details about how to obtain information on past owners of your home, as well as an introduction to library and regional resources which will allow you to develop your home’s story. It is not a requirement that a homeowner attend a workshop prior to submission of an application, but all applicants must use the current version of the plaque application/checklist which can be downloaded below.

Plaque application forms: click here to download a PDF containing both Plaque 1 and Plaque 2 applications and instructions. Completed submissions should include the appropriate application/checklist (Plaque 1 or Plaque 2) from the packet and copies of all supporting documentation. Include your name, address, and contact information and submit the package in hard copy to:

Pat Doyle
Chairperson, ONEN Historic Preservation Committee
1815 Wood Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Click here  to download a PDF of a PLAQUE APPLICATION EXAMPLE.

Click here to download a PDF on using the resources of the El Paso County Treasurer’s Office and the El Paso County Assessor’s Office to obtain ownership records on your home as well as other helpful research tips.

Click here to download a PDF containing a list of websites which may be useful in locating information on your home and its past owners.


Plaqued ONEN Homes

Since the inception of the program, the homes listed below are among those which have received plaques:

  • The Warren House, built 1902, 20 W. Caramillo St.
  • Sparey-Maytag Spec House, built 1938, 1615 Culebra Ave.
  • George M. Marden House, built 1887, 1305 N. Cascade Ave.
  • Roger W. & Frances B. Scofield House, built 1901, 121 E. Espanola St.
  • Barbee-Kurrie House, built c. 1897, 1519 N. Nevada Ave.
  • The Strachan House, built c. 1892, 1524 N. Nevada Ave.
  • John Henry Avery House, built 1898, 1601 N. Nevada Ave.
  • Emil & Jennie Rundquist House, built c. 1898, 2103 N. Nevada Ave.
  • Daniel & Ilma Thatcher House, built c. 1896, 115 E. San Miguel St.
  • The Williams House, built 1900, 222 E. San Miguel St.
  • Perkins-Holmes House, built 1887, 1219 N. Tejon St.
  • Roy A. Davis House, built 1901, 1422 N. Tejon St.
  • John Allison, Builder, built 1894, 1820 N. Tejon St.
  • Robert & Carol Snow House, built 1898, 2030 N. Tejon St.
  • Rose M. Durkee House, built 1903, 1700 Wood Ave.
  • James J. Waring Family, built 1909, 1815 Wood Ave.
  • Lowe P. & Florence M. Siddons House, built 1936, 2001 Wood Ave.

In the fall of 2013, the Pikes Peak Library District Special Collections Department was engaged by the Old North End Historic Preservation Committee to preserve and maintain all approved ONEN plaque applications which contain a release document signed by the homeowner/plaque applicant. These applications are not currently digitized but are available for viewing by the public on site at the Penrose Library Special Collections Department. A list of the approved plaque applications with release documents may be found here.

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