Transit Committee

Transit Committee


The main goal of the ONEN Transit Committee is to work with City officials to recommend the best public transit options for our neighborhood and City.

Current voting members are:

  • Brian Safigan, Chair – Tejon St
  • Patrick Stevens – Cascade Ave
  • Melody Griffin – Nevada Ave
  • Samantha Klingenberg – Weber St
  • Bill Rogers – Wahsatch Ave

For current events, visit the Transit Committee Blog


May 22, 2016 – ONEN Transit Committee is formed (pending board approval) to investigate and respond to the several neighborhood complaints concerning the bus route changes that went into affect on May 1st. Brian Safigan accepts the lead role and starts dialog with MMT while forming a committee containing a representative from each n/s arterial street.

June 6, 2016 – The fully-formed ONEN Transit Committee held an initial orientation meeting to discuss our goals and initial ideas to suggest to MMT concerning the buses. In the spirit of the ONEN Master Plan, all of the n/s arterial streets through ONEN were considered. The minutes for this meeting can be found here.

June 20, 2016 – The ONEN Transit Committee plans to participate in an open City forum to discuss rationale and alternatives for public transit through ONEN. The meeting is called by Chief of Staff Jeff Greene. Council Member Jill Gaebler and City Transit staff will be in attendance.

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