Additional Historic Preservation Resources: In Other Places

  1. The Municipal Art Society of New York Green Rowhouse Manual provides guidance for rowhouses that are applicable to many historic preservation projects. Among other topics on energy efficiency, 14 topics cover, walls & roofs, windows & doors, heating & cooling, lighting & electrical, plumbing & water.
  2. Kansas Historical Society – Window Repair Videos. This link provides excellent guidance on preserving, rehabilitating and restoring wooden windows rather than replacing them with new vinyl, metal or clad windows.
  1. Window Sashes Learn how to ft a wood storm sash on an old double hung window.
  1. Finding Contractors for Your Historic Home The National Trust for Historic Preservation provides guidance on “How to Find Contractors & Architects for Historic Home Renovation.”
  1. Seven ways to avoid “remuddling” a historic home– by Marni Jameson Special to The Denver Post 
  1. Baker Neighborhood Energy Efficiency Workshop in Denver: Do you want to lower energy bills and feel more comfortable in your older home during the winter? Learn what you can do to improve your home’s performance:  Simple Do’s and Do Not’s Flyer, Brittany Bryant, Denver Historic Planner

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Key Presentations by Donovan D. Rypkema, principal of PlaceEconomics, a Washington D.C.- based real estate and economic development-consulting firm. This firm works with both public and non-profit entities.


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