ONEN Best Practices and Lessons Learned

The purpose of this Web Page is to provide a repository for key Best Practices and Lessons Learned used by ONEN. Many of these practices are used internally in ONEN however they are not confidential and may be used by neighbors and other neighborhoods in the interest of knowledge sharing. Going forward we expect these practices to continue improving and will be updated as needed. Any input for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

Entryway Sign Construction Journal – This document was maintained throughout the construction process as an aid to building future entryway signs by ONEN and/or other neighborhoods. It includes the step by step construction with pictures and 23 Best Practices noted during the process. Construction of this second entryway sign on the North Nevada Avenue Median at Lilac street utilized many lessons learned from the construction of the first sign resulting in considerable cost savings.

Conducting a Break-Out Meeting – A process document on how to conduct an efficient and effective break-out meeting for a specific topic or topics and obtain input for each topic. The example includes the results of a public meeting held on May 22, 2014 on the subject of Historic Preservation with four topics including Tax Credits, Workshops, Zoning/ Variances and Other Information/Concerns.

Colorado College History Day – ONEN has participated in History Day at Colorado College for the last several years as Judges for special ONEN awards. Key documents used in the judging and winner selection are as follows:

History Day Worksheet – A PDF version of an Excel notebook with judging forms used by ONEN judges

History Day Judging Tips – A PDF version of helpful tips for judging

History Day Awards Introduction – A PDF version of History Day Awards Presentation Introduction by the ONEN President

Welcome Packet Documents – A PDF copy of key documents designed for new neighbors living in the Old North End Neighborhood. Includes letter from the ONEN President, ONEN services, Key contacts/information and membership application.


Rev2 August 2015

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