Time Capsule

ONEN neighbors will be placing 100-year time capsule in the second ONEN entryway sign at North Nevada Avenue and Lilac Street. While the first entryway sign contains a time capsule that captures the history and key documents of our organization, the second entryway time capsule will contain pictures and stories from neighborhood families and individuals.

We encourage you to submit a story about your home and/or your neighborhood experiences along with a photo. Simple stories about your family, their interests, and about life in the neighborhood are most likely to be of interest to the ONEN residents of 2114.

Imagine how different life will be in 2114 and what a surprise it will be for future residents to open this 100-year time capsule!

Special thanks to our sponsor Jazy-Frei Plumbing & Heating for donating the materials for our time capsule.


Three ways to submit:

The form below, Mail a hard copy, or through email.



[wufoo username=”youcreative” formhash=”qaj0iy4189xpic” autoresize=”true” height=”940″ header=”show” ssl=”true”]

Hard Copy:


  • Type your story on up to two 8.5” x 11” sheets of paper.
    • 1000 word limit. Include name(s) and address at the end.
  • Submit a 4×6 photograph of your home and/or family.
    • On a 3×5 index card or on a separate piece of paper marked photo, write your name, address, and significant information about the photo.
    • Use a paperclip to clip together all items.
  • Mail or deliver to Pat Doyle, 1815 Wood Ave., CS 80907. To arrange for a pickup, contact Pat at 473-8108 or at patdoyle@mac.com.



  •  Story can be written in the body of an email or included as a Word attachment.
    • 1000 word limit. Include name(s) and address at the end.
  • Include photo and photo information (name, address, and significant information about the photo) as attachments.
  • Send to patdoyle@mac.com.

Questions: Contact Susan Darby at 227-0211 or sdarbycos@gmail.com

Deadline: July 9, 2014

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