We live in a beautiful historic neighborhood that has played a prominent role in the 150 years of Colorado Springs' history. 

Mass Transit Problems and Solutions

The Key Issue

Our current transit system (routes 9 and 19) is scaled appropriately for our region, but it is inappropriately centralized on two neighboring streets, resulting in distant walks for riders from east and west regions of ONEN and Patty Jewett.  The planned Transit Corridor will have no benefits, substantial costs for our residents, and potentially existential risks to our neighborhood.


  • City/County plan calls for vast expansion of transit on our residential streets, to serve as connection of major distant urban nodes
  • Poor accessibility to local riders
  • Numerous externalities associated with transit vehicles
    • Noise, transit stations, exhaust, traffic risks, loss of property value
    • Drawbacks potentially concentrated on one street, violating ONEN Master Plan
  • Substantial increase in vehicles and remote riders

Potential Solutions

  • Distributed routes
  • Transit corridor implemented on I-25 and/or rail right-of-way