Events in our

We pride ourselves on being the neighborhood that is either like the one we grew up in or wished we had.

Community Initiated Events

Though the Old North End Neighborhood association sponsors several community events each year, neighbors frequently initiate activities that have broad appeal for area residents. Block parties, coffee meetups, park cleanup, group bike rides and similar activities are often announced on social media. Stay informed about what’s happening in the neighborhood or on your street by reading the ONEN Newsletter, ONEN Facebook page, and NextDoor.

Downtown Gardeners Circle – gatherings of neighbors who are particularly interested in flower and vegetable gardening, canning, and other similar activities combine the knowledge of the experienced with the enthusiasm of those new to these pastimes. Watch Next Door for announcements about these spontaneous events.

Halloween in the Old North End – homeowners go all out with festive decorations, costumes, and treats which draw families from throughout the City.  Parents and adult friends enjoy walking, socializing, and drinking coffee as they watch their kids delight in the ghostly displays and many superheroes, Disney princesses, cartoon characters, ninja warriors, etc., that prowl ONEN streets.

Christmas in the Old North End –  Christmas is another special time in our neighborhood. Santa visits the Steele School Gazebo in early December, and cookies, hot chocolate, and the singing of Christmas carols excite kids and parents alike. 

Holiday lights drape the neighborhood’s historic homes and highlight the beautiful architecture of these late 19th and early to mid- 20th century gems.  Drive through the short stretch of Caramillo Street between Weber and Wahsatch streets to see the holiday spirit at its peak, and while you’re looking, have a cookie served by Caramillo Street neighbors.

ONEN often hosts Christmas open houses to support non-profit organizations, giving visitors a chance to see what it’s like to live in a piece of history. Watch for announcements about possible holiday home tours on Facebook, NextDoor, and the ONEN newsletter and website.

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