Heads up from CC on some campus events

Two of the largest annually recurring outdoor student concerts are coming up on the next two Saturdays.

  • “Blues and Shoes” is a blues concert and horseshoe tournament; it will take place on Saturday, May 5, from 11am-7pm.
  • Llamapalooza, the outdoor concert/festival, is scheduled for Saturday, May 12, from 11am-11pm.

The college has obtained noise variance permits from the City to allow outdoor music amplification, and some care and planning has been put into the placement of speakers to minimize the impact (basically, to not project the sound northward at many of your homes), but of course, the music will carry somewhat. We wanted to let you know the hours of both events so you know when both are expected to end. As you know, a noise permit allows us to amplify music, but it does not give us carte blanche to annoy you unduly. If the noise is bothering you, please call CC Campus Safety at 719-389-6707 and let them know you are a resident of the neighborhood and that the music is too loud. They can dispatch someone to the event and get the volume turned down.

From there, we’re only a skip and a jump away from our Commencement ceremony at 8am on Monday, May 21. As always, the ceremony is open to the public and it’s always a happy occasion. Feel free to come join us if you can! Here’s more information: http://www.coloradocollege.edu/events/2012-05-21-commencement

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