How Many Families in the Old North End will Benefit from One-Lane-from-Two-Lanes? Answer: Exactly 597

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A direct count of the number of homes and apartments in the Old North End that will be affected by Safety-Sizing five arterial streets revealed that 597 families will benefit from the One Lane From Two Lanes downsizing.

The five arterial streets involved are Cascade, Nevada, Weber, Wahsatch, and Fontanero.

That means just short of 600 families will have less traffic noise from the street in front of their home and will be safer when using pedestrian crossings.

The count was taken only within the boundaries of the Old North End. A number of other families will reap the rewards of One Lane From Two Lanes because the safety-sizing will affect portions of streets outside the Old North End.

The street that will benefit the most is North Nevada Avenue, the most thickly populated street in the Old North End. A total of 212 homes and apartments are located on Nevada between Uintah Street to the south and Lilac Street, near the bridge over the old Rock Island railroad, to the north.

The number of families living on the other streets in the Old North End were:

Cascade Avenue – 103
Weber Street – 130
Wahsatch Avenue – 127
Fontanero – 25