MMT Route Changes Go Into Effect

May 1, 2016

The changes to the bus routes through ONEN went into effect on May 1st. The change cancels the route 6 bus on Wahsatch past the Bon Shopping Center and moves route 9 from Cascade to Nevada. It also adds route 19 following the same route. The two 30-minute service routes combine to 15-minute service through ONEN, or a bus going up or down Nevada an average of every 7-1/2 minutes.

About 1 week prior to this change, Nevada neighbors started noticing bus stops and benches being installed in front of their houses. Although MMT and ONEN advertised this change through email and social media, many Nevada neighbors received no notice of this change, which caused a great deal of confusion. ONEN contacted MMT about the bus benches and they were removed a few days later based on the prior agreement to not install benches unless they were historically sensitive. Initial complaints to MMT concerned the bus stops and buses speeding down Nevada.



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