ONEN has started using Donor Tools

Recently, the ONEN Board made a decision that we believe is going to help you, our neighbors, have a much better experience when making and managing donations or paying dues to The Old North End Neighborhood. We decided to start using a software tool called “Donor Tools” to manage donations.


What is Donor Tools, you might ask? It’s a software package that specializes in helping non-profit organizations like ONEN manage transactions as well as the people who matter most: you! With Donor Tools, we’ll be able to better track your gifts, membership dues, and your preferences as a member and neighbor in The Old North End.


From now on, when you give a gift or pay your dues, we’ll track that information in Donor Tools, creating a comprehensive and ongoing gift history. If you choose to pay online, this will happen automatically, and if you pay by check, we’ll input the information for you.


To use Donor Tools, simply go to online, and click “sign up” on the right. Once clicked, you’ll simply enter your email address and choose a password. Donor Tools will send you a confirmation email, and once you click the link inside, you’re done! From then on, if you return to, you’ll be able to log in and manage your profile, as well as look at your giving history.


If you’d previously given your email address to ONEN, and that’s the same email address you use to sign up with Donor Tools, the previous gifts we’ve stored in your name will be there waiting for you. If you haven’t given ONEN your email address, or if you’re using a different one to log in to Donor Tools, we’ll merge your old records manually after you sign up.


We’re excited to be utilizing such a powerful tool, and even more excited about how this will improve your experience when giving to ONEN! Of course any transition like this may include some “rough spots”, and we would ask that you let us know right away by emailing if you experience any problems or if you have any questions. Of course if you are experiencing difficulty of a technical nature with Donor Tools, you can email their support team at

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