ONEN/Penrose Hospital Design Guidelines Meeting

ONEN/Penrose Hospital Design Guidelines Meeting

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
First Lutheran Church-Fellowship Hall
1515 N. Cascade Ave.

Following the construction of the Penrose Hospital Medical Office Building,
the ONEN board formed a committee to work together with key members of
the Penrose Hospital administration to establish design guidelines for future
development projects within the hospital campus. The agreed upon goals of the
design guidelines project are:

• Encourage the continuing development and redevelopment of the hospital
property in a manner which is mutually beneficial to both the hospital and
the surrounding neighborhood,
• Encourage consistency with the Old North End Neighborhood Master Plan,
• Establish guidelines for the interface between the hospital and
• Amend the development plan to include the agreed upon guidelines.

Although the hospital does not have any immediate plans for major construction,
the design guidelines will be attached to the hospital’s development plan and will
be used to guide future projects. City Planning, ONEN, and Penrose Hospital will be
holding a public meeting as a requirement of amending the hospital’s development
plan. The meeting will give our Old North End neighbors the opportunity to view
the guidelines, comment, and ask questions.

Enter the church on the east side (rear) along the alley. Take the stairs down to the
basement. Fellowship Hall will be straight ahead at the bottom of the stairs.

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