Stone Soup

Help us Make Stone Soup

So we aren’t making stone soup, but we do need your help providing the ingredients for our neighborhood entryway sign at Uintah and Nevada. We have identified a unique type of stone that is common in a lot of our homes and is found naturally in this region (Check out the pictures below). We are working through several channels to get enough of this stone to build our sign, but need your help getting more. We are hoping that some of you have this type of stone laying around in your yards or in your crawl space. Perhaps you have done some renovations and hung onto the extra stone. If you would like to contribute your stone to the sign please contact us and we will make arrangements to pick it up. Thank you very much for your support of our efforts to provide the neighborhood with a great entryway sign. It will be even more special if you provide a piece of the sign just like the local townspeople did in the folk story Stone Soup

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