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Monument ValleyPark

Monument Valley Park

Friends of Monument Valley Park 

Since March 29, 1907 when General William Jackson Palmer created the park that defines the western edge of the downtown, the citizens of Colorado Springs have enjoyed its beauty, tranquility and amenities. At that time, the park encompassed 165 acres with 5.74 acres of lakes and 8.7 miles of graveled walks. The flood of 1935 destroyed many of the park features. Since then, the Works Progress Administration and the City Parks Department have worked to restore some of the functional and aesthetic amenities of the park.

The Friends of Monument Valley Park was formed to advocate for the restoration, protection, and enhancement of the park. The group was organized in 2000 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. The FMVP welcomes volunteers. Please join to support its activities. For more infomation, click here.

The group has gained momentum and support through its numerous projects and events, some of which are listed below.

General Palmer Day: This event is held every year on July 31st. Celebrated consistently in the early 20th century, this tribute to our City’s Founder was lost following the 1935 flood and World War II. One of the first events brought back by the Friends, this “old fashioned” evening includes music, a bring-your-own-picnic dinner, an historical program, ice cream cart, and a sing-along. Turn of the century attire is encouraged. The dinner is held at the lovely Pavilion south of the tennis courts. Contact Chesley Miller 636.3176 for time and details.

Lilac Day: This annual event is held in the middle of May. The Friends’ goal is to remind the community of the reason–General Palmer–that we have so many lilacs in our City and parks. We also hope to replace many of those that have been lost. In the early decades of the park, Lilac Day was celebrated on a Sunday in May when the lilac flowering was at its peak. It was the ONLY day that automobiles were allowed in the park. In 2002 the Friends sponsored lilac planting. The administrative team sponsored a clean up day in May and distributed sheets detailing how to care for lilacs. Contact Sharon Schriner 473-9254 or Mary Rochette 634-1986

Nomination to the National Register: The Friends are participating with the Historic Preservation Alliance in workshops relating the history of the Park to the history of our City, the influences on Palmer’s vision for the park system he created, the role of cultural landscapes and place in our attachment and engagement in our community. Participants will be invited to help with the nomination of the Park to the National Register of Historic Places. There are opportunities for fieldwork, for photography, and for research of specific elements within the park. For more information on this effort, contact Judith Rice-Jones, 473-2154 or or Bill Arbogast at 632-8585 or

Doggie Bag Dispensers: Newspaper bags are used to stock the containers. We encourage everyone to use these bags when walking their pets. If anyone has a surplus, drop them off at Parks and Recreation Dept. Email Sharon Schriner

FMVP Annual Meeting: The annual meeting is held in the first part of May. The administrative team reviews events and issues of the past year and leads a discussion to plan for the coming year. Members and anyone interested in the Park are welcome to attend and voice their ideas.