35 Trees Coming in 2014


Spring is HERE and that means the  ONEN TREE PROGRAM will be up and running in April.

With the past drought and the new water restrictions we will have 35 trees available to our ONEN neighbors. We continue to support “Trees Across Colorado” and purchase our trees from this very worthwhile organization.  Our available trees are:

  • Pacific Sunset Maple
  • Redbud
  • Canada Red Cherry

Along with a new tree, you’ll receive free mulch with planting and watering instructions. If you cannot physically plant the tree yourself, let us know and we will make arrangements to make certain your ONEN tree gets properly planted.

Following the ONEN tree program tradition, spring planting will launch during Colorado Arbor Day weekend, April 18th – 20th, 2014. If you are interested in getting a tree or if you are aware of any parkways or area yards that have lost trees and could benefit from a replacement, please contact Linda Buffetti at trees@oldnorthend.org;  or 719-630-0836.  These trees are free to our ONEN neighbors and sponsored by the ONEN Tree Program.

We will need volunteers to help to assist with the distribution of the trees from April 19th to April 21st.  If you can help serve your neighbors please contact Linda Buffetti @ trees@oldnorthend.org; 719-630-0836.

Please, please be sure to take special care to generously water any new trees and don’t forget about the ones that are already planted.  For pruning, you can call City Forestry at 385-5942, for any trees in medians and parkways.

Healthy trees are critical to the Old North End Neighborhood.  Trees add shade to cool your home in summer, clean the air we breathe, increase your home’s privacy, reduce total road noise, prevent erosion and add to the Old North End’s reputation for a beautiful canopy. Along with the beautiful homes, trees are often cited as the neighborhood’s defining characteristic.

Help Keep the Old North End Neighborhood beautiful and flourishing….. “Plant a tree for 2014”.

Vic and the late CW, Tree Planting 2012


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