2014-2015 Dog of the Year Nominations

Accepting Nominations for Dog of the Year 2014-2015

Does your dog have what it takes to be ONEN’s 2014-2015 Dog of the Year?

Your dog could be featured in the ONEN newsletter, receive a large bag of treats, have its picture on all outgoing ‘ONEN Pet Alerts’ and receive 75 lbs of dog food to donate to the charity of the owners choice. If your dog:

• Resides within ONEN

• Loves to play and interacts well with kids & other animals

• Is a good neighbor (no excessive barking /howling, leaving unwanted ‘gifts’)

• Does not harass or bite people or other animals

• Has done some form of community service within the last year


Please submit a 75 word essay on why your dog should be ONEN Dog of the Year to: pets@oldnorthend.org.

Please include a photo with your essay.

Deadline is May 9, 2014

Winner will be announced at the Spring Neighborhood Wide Meeting on May 21, 2014


Previous ONEN Dogs of the Year

2010-2011: Charles Wentworth was active in community service throughout the Old North End and Pikes Peak region until his unfortunate passing in January of 2013.

2011-2012: Shilo was recognized for service that included Christmas Treecycle, suicide prevention, cancer research, and youth sports.

2012-2013: Jasper is certified Therapy Dog that visits cancer patients and helps train foster dogs with his owner Sharon Peters on Wood Ave.

2013-2014: Lilly was the poster child for So This is Heaven: How Rescuing Old or Unwanted Dogs Provided a Touch of Heaven on Earth, a book written by neighbor Monica Kinnaman

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