Yet Another Street With The One-Lane-In-Each-Direction Treatment: This Time It Is Broadmoor Bluffs Drive

Sunday, June 5, 2016


One-lane-in-each-direction! A continuous left-turn lane in the middle of the street! Bicycle lanes in both directions! This time we discovered it on Broadmoor Bluffs Drive in the southern part of the Broadmoor area.

There it is. Further proof that painting wide streets for one-lane-in-each direction and adding a left-turn lane and bike lanes really works in our city – and it is being used all over Colorado Springs.

Furthermore, this is the third wide street in the Broadmoor-Skyway area that we have found painted for one-lane-in-each-direction. The other two are Lake Avenue from South Nevada Avenue to the Broadmoor Hotel and Cresta Road where it passes beside Cheyenne Mountain High School.

It is working all over town. It is working in Broadmoor-Skyway. Painting wide streets for one-lane-in-each-direction will work well in the Old North End.     

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