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Interstate 25 Noise Committee

As many neighbors may be aware, the increase in noise from I-25 since the reconstruction and expansion continues to have a deleterious effect on the neighborhood and adjacent neighborhoods. Following the initial public process over ten years ago a small group of ONEN residents have continued to seek mitigation or remedial action from CDOT, but have not yet been successful.

For 2014 they are planning a new strategy and are soliciting assistance from anyone who is also concerned about this issue. An initial step will be to determine if the noise is a critical issue for the majority of ONEN residents. If so, they will solicit help from local politicians and government officials to achieve mitigation measures.

The increase in noise is largely due to several factors including raising the elevation of the interstate, paving with scored concrete, deflecting all noise from a wall on the west side that has no sound-absorptive properties, removal of vegetation, truck jake brakes and increased speeds.

They plan to solicit political or government officials to press CDOT to repave with sound absorbing asphalt and potentially add sound-absorptive treatment to the wall or adjacent to it. Additionally, they will encourage local authorities to enforce the ban on “jake brakes” (air compression brakes) within city limits and the CO state requirement that proper mufflers be installed on vehicles equipped with “jake brakes.” These measures would have a significant impact on sound reduction.

To assist in this effort, ONEN has set up an email for communications regarding the I-25 Noise. It is as follows:

If you are willing to assist with this effort please email your contact information. We welcome any comments or suggestions by email even if you are not able to volunteer.



  1. Rolf Jacobson, March 19, 2015
    I will help. We have to do something about the noise from the Highway. Reply
  2. Eric Kniffin, September 19, 2017
    Is there any ongoing efforts to address the I-25 traffic noise in the ONE? Our house backs up to the park and the traffic noise just seems to get worse and worse. Reply
    • Bob, September 19, 2017
      Eric, There is not currently an active I-25 Noise Committee as the Board Member in charge moved away. If you are interested in reviving this effort please contact our Board President. Reply


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