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Learn about the past, present and future of the Old North End Neighborhood.

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Board of Directors

Dutch Schulz
(719) 373-8962


Patrick Stevens
(719) 630-8878


Peter Frantz
Street Safety
(719) 640-2442


Kathy Anderson
North End Woodlands
(719) 332-3898


Pat Doyle
Historic Preservation
(719) 473-8108


Mike Anderson
Transit Committee
(719) 332-2125

Bob Loevy
Historic Preservation
(719) 640-5895


Shawn Yocum-Alford
Penrose Hospital Committee
(719) 651-5043


Cathy Wilson-O’Donnell
Colorado College Liaison
(719) 635-9740



Matt Railey
Penrose Hospital Committee
(719) 473-8282


Mark Tremmel, Architect
Penrose Hospital Committee
(719) 623-5641, Ext. 1


Terry Darby
(719) 338-7375

The Old North End Neighborhood seeks Board representation from across the neighborhood.

  • Members of the ONEN Board of Directors, per the organization’s by-laws, must be 18 years or older and have lived in the neighborhood for a minimum of two years.
  • Board members, who serve a term of three years with the possibility of an additional three-year term, are not compensated for their service, and there are no employees of the organization.
  • Board members may serve as chairpersons for the committees which support community safety and security measures, historic preservation initiatives, planning of social events, and other neighborhood needs.
  • For more information on the selection process for Board membership, please contact president@oldnorthend.org.
ONEN Board Meetings
  • Meetings of the ONEN Board occur at 5:30 p.m. the first Thursday of every month. Please contact president@oldnorthend.org if you would like to be on the agenda.
ONEN Volunteers

The Board needs volunteers who have ideas, a can-do attitude, and are willing to commit some of their time and talents to one of the ONEN committees in order to

  • help maintain the historic integrity of our neighborhood;
  • ensure the safety of the families who live here;
  • exhibit and promote ONEN’s family-friendly community spirit;
  • collaborate with our neighbors Colorado College and Penrose Hospital to resolve issues that impact our mutual historic environment;
  • work with City and County officials to address and resolve growth issues which impact our unique neighborhood;
  • communicate regularly with ONEN residents and owners through various media and in-person meetings regarding issues of importance to our community;
  • Other support as determined by the ONEN Board;
  • For more information about volunteering, please contact president@oldnorthend.org