Sidewalk Improvement Program

Sidewalk Improvement Program

Well-maintained sidewalks contribute to the safety and beauty of this historic neighborhood as well as improve the overall walkability of the neighborhood. Please review the sidewalk maintenance information we have posted on our website for important information.

The Sidewalk Improvement Program began in 2010 with three areas of focus: safety, infrastructure improvement, and improved ‘walkability’ of the neighborhood. The sidewalks had long been showing signs of age and  deterioration. At the time, a number of injuries related to broken or displaced sidewalks had been reported. People were regularly walking in the streets to avoid our neighborhood sidewalks. The ONEN book, Exploring the Old North End Neighborhood of Colorado Springs, a Guide to Its History & Architecture, had recently been released. With six different walking tours inviting neighbors and visitors alike to visit the beautiful homes in our neighborhood, a pressing need existed to improve those walkways. Since the city waiting list for repairs was over a decade long, the neighborhood took matters into its own hands and the Sidewalk Improvement Program resulted. ONEN partnered with longtime ONEN sponsor Groninger Concrete to make concrete replacement affordable for homeowners. We appreciate the effort and dedication of the folks at Groninger Concrete to improve our sidewalks!  Groninger Concrete is a family-owned local business with deep ties to our neighborhood and community.

Sidewalks Replaced by Year:

2019: TBD Get on the list here

2018: 11

2017: 12

2016: 10

2015: 11

2014: 10

2013: 6

2012: 9

2011: 12

2010: 10

Sidewalk shaving:

Beginning in 2013, we began offering residents the option of sidewalk shaving for areas where the panels are in good condition, but a trip hazard exists. This work is done by Precision Concrete Cutting (, who provided a demonstration of their patented “precision cutting technique” at 1338 N. Weber St. in November 2012. They showed that they can provide a quick, clean and cost effective alternative to replacing sidewalks. In 2013 we repaired ten sidewalks with shaving.

Sidewalks Shaved by Year:

2019: Get on the list here

2018: No applications

2017:  1

2016: No applications

2015: 9 sidewalk lift areas for 4 residents

2014: 1

2013: 10

Program Guidelines:

1. Qualifying sidewalks must lie within the geographical boundaries of the Old North End Neighborhood, as defined by this map: Old North End Map

2. Nominate your problem sidewalk for repair/replacement by sending an email HERE. Be sure to include the specific address and provide your contact information.  Also indicate whether you are interested in replacement or shaving.

3. The ONEN program determines top priority sidewalks using the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority (PPRTA) industry-standard rating system. Improving safety is the primary consideration.

4. If your sidewalk makes the repair list, you must agree to pay 50% of the estimated cost of the repair before the work starts. You will receive a detailed work estimate with all costs, which typically range from $500 – $1,000 for the owner’s share.

5. ONEN will pay 50% of the total repair cost, up to a maximum of 50 feet of sidewalk (a continuous length or segments that total 50 feet, as determined by ONEN) in front of the residence and parallel to the street. If there is no sidewalk now, a length of sidewalk up to 50 feet can be installed.

6. You will receive a detailed package with estimate and contract, and instructions to facilitate speedy scheduling and work completion. You are responsible for payment of your share of the cost, as well as any additional work you and the contractor agree to separately.

7. Groninger Concrete will obtain any City permits necessary to perform sidewalk replacement work. Permit costs are included in total cost estimates that Groninger will provide for each project. Sidewalk shaving does not require a permit.

8. Replacement Only:  Sorry, no initials, handprints, footprints, names or dates for ONEN-facilitated sidewalks. Groninger will imprint an ONEN stamp with the current year, and place their stamp on the new sidewalks.

9. Replacement Only: Our agreement with Groninger allows the replacement work to be completed when their season begins to slow down (late September into October).

If you miss out on the ONEN sidewalk replacement program, the city has a very similar program where they will pay 50% of the cost and the homeowner will pay 50% for any priority 1 & 2 sidewalks. More information on the City Program can be found here.  Concrete is poured in May-October and the city can typically afford 100 jobs per year assuming the program continues to receive funding.  Call 385-5411 to get on the City list.

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