Historic Preservation

Over the years property owners have worked hard to maintain the neighborhood’s historic character.)

Entryway Signs

Artist’s Rendition

N. Wahsatch and Jackson Street

Under Construction


Six Entryways Help Define the Old North End Neighborhood

The Journey—2011 to 2017
Since the North End Homeowners’ Association, now the Old North End Neighborhood, was incorporated in 1957, active, dedicated and talented neighborhood volunteers have made major contributions for maintaining our historic neighborhood. 

  • Referring to the neighborhood Master Plan as a “Road Map,” Historic Preservation Committee minutes show that entryway discussions began in 2011. 
  • Under the auspices of the Old North End Neighborhood, the Historic Preservation Committee began earnest plans in 2012-2013 for the first entryway at N. Nevada Ave. and E. Uintah Street.
  • Committee members were joined by professionals and interested neighbors.
  • Participants designed and selected materials for an entryway appropriate for a historic neighborhood.
  • Traffic and utility requirements were followed.
  • The process for all six entryways remained the same.
    • Choose a basic but slightly different design and detail materials.
    • Draw a site plan and present a request for approval to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.
    • Complete the permit process and begin and complete construction
  • .The same construction team completed all six signs.
  • Entryways were financed by the neighborhood association and three anonymous donors.     

For a more detailed and photo-rich history of the development of these beautiful entryway signs, read
Six Entryways Help Define ONEN – A History and Timeline 2011-2017.

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