Old North End neighbors have a commitment to maintain their historic properties and medians and to promote the family friendly community we all call home.

Street Safety Committee

Mission of the ONEN Street Safety Committee

In recognition of the pressure to expand transportation duties through the Old North End, the Street Safety Committee aims to work with various stakeholders to meet the needs of a growing city while reducing the volume of non-local traffic and calming the traffic that remains. 

Why is Street Safety Critical for Our Neighborhood?
  • Although we have only approximately 5,600 residents, there are 32,000 vehicles per day that traverse our four Minor Arterials
  • Our roads were designed before automobiles, and safety measures have not been adapted to the purposes that the roads now serve
  • The number of vehicles has been slowly decreasing over the past 30 years, resulting in much higher speeds
  • As a result, residents have recorded 7 traffic related fatalities since 2002, and witnessed countless other devastating accidents
  • Furthermore, traffic noise and other consequences increase exponentially with vehicle speed, reducing livability and walkability

Due to our location, there will always be pressure for expanding the use of transit infrastructure through the Old North End Neighborhood.  ONEN has a long history of reducing or mitigating the impact, but there is more work to be done.  We’re glad you’re here to help!

Our Plan for Action
Read ONEN’s Street Safety Recommendations

A collaborative plan to calm traffic through structural changes that are within conventional traffic engineering practice. Read and download full traffic calming plan

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