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Master Plan

The Old North End Master Plan
Adopted November 16, 1990
Passed as City Ordinance February 26, 1991
Summary of Objectives

  • Assure ONEN Plan adopted by City

  • ONEN works to implement Plan

  • Reduce traffic safety problems, especially on arterials

  • Reduce impacts of traffic, especially from trucks

  • Mitigate impact of I-25

  • Reduce traffic to levels compatible with historic urban residential character

  • Provide convenient pedestrian/bicycle circulation

  • Provide safe pedestrian/bicycle crossings

  • Reduce impact of parking while accommodating parking needs

  • Encourage alternatives to automobile traffic

  • Restore quiet residential character of neighborhood streets

Land Use and Zoning
  • Identify appropriate uses and design criteria for all areas of the neighborhood

  • Enforce zoning regulations

  • Discourage incursion of non-compatible uses

  • Discourage density increase/allow density reduction

  • Preserve single-family character and appearance

  • Encourage restoration of historic homes to single family use

  • Identify appropriate locations and compatible forms of multi-family use

  • Discourage multi-family zoning/encourage high density zoning to change to lower density

  • Discourage change to non-residential use; identify areas/types of appropriate non-residential use

  • Continue and encourage specific small neighborhood commercial properties compatible with neighborhood

  • Encourage improvement of BonCenter and Weber commercial area

  • Encourage neighborhood and surrounding non-residential areas to uses and forms compatible with ONEN


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